• An Overview of Peony Types, Cultivation, and History

    Peonies are among the most versatile of all plants in cultivation and are remarkably well-suited to our relatively cold climate.

  • An Evening in the Garden

    Thursday, June 15th
    6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

  • Local Wildflower Class

    Join ABG for a 4-week long field botany class with Dr. Marilyn Barker and Ginger Hudson. Learn about local plants, their identification, and uses.

  • Annual Plant Sale

    Join us for the seasonal re-opening of our nursery!

  • Single: One or more rows of large petals surround a band or row of natural, pollen-bearing stamens, centered by a cluster of seed-bearing structures (carpels), usually topped by the natural, pollen-receiving stigma.
    Workshop: Peonies

    Come join the peony craze and learn all about the history, care and when to buy and plant them! Participants receive a peony to take home and will receive a behind-the-scenes tour of ABG’s peony collection.

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